Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowday without Children

Ode to Warm Socks

Stuck in this Blizzard, sleeping on cots
The joy of my day—a pair of warm socks.
Stuggling through blizzard from office to ward,
My job lies before me, those names on the board.
My feet feel so damp, cramped into these boots,
But a doc can’t go sockfoot, the patients would hoot.
The nurses are heros; they work shifts end to end,
While after my rounding, I’ve no one to tend.
So I slip off the boots, put the socks on the heater
Spend a few hours to make my space neater.
Still it keeps snowing, in buckets, in torrents
We’re glued to the news in a state of abhorrence.
But me, I’m contented, my children are grown
I fine where I am, don’t need to be home.
I can just watch the snow fall, all night by the clocks
And wait for the day with my pair of warm socks.


  1. ...struggling with the kids at home due to snow day while I've got obligations (patients) at the office.... Not quite at the stage to envy your grown children, but getting close.

    So thanks for the poem - it brightened my work day!

  2. I LOVE this! I too have been wool sock and booting it for three weeks running. We have had a snow week here in the South - more crazy childcare issues for gettin' to work. I had the hospital central staffing send a mattress pad to my office Monday, since the hospital hotel and all overflow beds were filled with employees. Luckily, my dad was on call and drove me home to (closer) parent's house and took me back to hospital in early a.m., so I didn't have to camp in my office, but I was ready.

    This is clever and wonderful. Thanks for posting.

  3. My husband (about to start his residency in Uro) thinks the absolute best thing in the world would be to have brand new fluffy socks to put on every day. Never wear a pair twice. On the week he starts his internship, I'm going to give him a garbage bag full of new socks from Costco...just to get him started.

    Thanks for the smile--I think we all forget to think about the small things--like warm socks.


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