Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting here

I was checking out this website's stats recently and clicked on a page I normally don't follow: Keyword analysis. This lists the search terms people used that resulted in landing on one of the pages of this blog. Thought the results were interesting and wanted to share.

%. Search Term
42.1% mothers in medicine OR motherinmedicine OR mothersinmedicine
7.0 % life of neurosurgeons OR life of a neurosurgeon OR day in the life of a neurosurgeon
7.0 % medical school acceptance letter OR when do medical school acceptance letter
5.3 % typical day of ob/gyn OR ob/gyn typical day
5.3% moms and medicine OR moms in medicine
5.3 % np to md OR np or md
1.75% residency match stress
1.75% medical school marriage stress
1.75% when i quit medicine
1.75% plenty of money and relaxation
1.75% marriage and medical residency
1.75% i hate residency
1.75% elitist daycares
1.75% moms and iud
1.75% qualities of a good doctor physician
1.75% emoticon hold breath
1.75% day in the life of an internal doctor
1.75% are husband jealous of gyn
1.75% time management for pre med
1.75% women neurosurgeons and mothers


Wonder if people found what they were looking for...


  1. 1.75% for plenty of money and relaxation! Woo!

    How do you see the website stats anyway? I was always curious about that.

  2. I'm still waiting for plenty of money and relaxation!

    I love checking out the keyword analysis on my own google analytics. About a year ago, I wrote a blog called An Ode to Semen Analysis - cause I was so happy it became a send out test and I didn't have to look at them anymore. My keyword analysis came up with "How to Clean Semen Out of a Hot Tub." More than once. I couldn't decide if I was proud or embarrassed that I didn't know this could be a problem worth googling.

  3. What's with all the neurosurgery searches? Masochists!

  4. I'm gonna hazard a guess that the person with the husband jealous of her gyn, left the site a tad unfulfilled!


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