Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Years Resolution

I've decided my New Years Resolution this year is to spend less time online. I feel like I spend much of my day at work on the computer and I feel like I spend too much of my night on the computer. I have this crazy compulsion to check my email. It needs to stop. Now.

(And yes, I know there's irony in making such an announcement online.)

I've made one other serious New Years Resolution and that was to eat more vegetables. I totally kept that one, so I'm hoping to do as well with this one. I'm storing my laptop in the bookcase and not opening it till my daughter falls asleep for the night.

What's your New Years Resolution?


  1. My NYR is to take better care of myself. To accept that I'm worth being taken care of. To allow myself to be proud of myself when I've done something noteworthy and to let myself have a reward.

  2. - to start exercising
    - to stop comparing myself unfavorably to other mothers
    - to drop the butter in my diet (or at least cut back)

  3. - to not feel guilty about taking time for myself
    - to feel that whatever I'm doing mommy-wise is good enough (or, better yet, is as-good-as-it-could-be)
    - to feel that whatever my husband is doing is also good enough!!
    - to remember to love my work, too (I'm an ER doc and sometimes it's challenging... ;))

  4. Thought of some originals -

    Learn to get out of my garage without taking large geometric chunks off of my car.

    Only blow-dry my hair 3-4 days a week.

    Keep an extra pair of shoes in my car for when I almost accidentally wear my slippers to work, so I don't have to turn around and be late.

    Get a smaller purse so I can actually find things. Or at least compartmentalize better.

    Try to cut out a little of the sarcasm with the kids (although I have created an incredibly witty 6 year old, if I can brag a little).

    Frequent massages and pedicures (Ha!).

    Stronger coffee.

  5. 1. To stop complaining so much.
    2. To stop worrying about my baby, husband, waist line, etc. all the time.
    3. To invest in myself.
    4. To take a few vacations/do fun things with my hubby (the debt can wait while I am in residency).

  6. I would like to resolve to have one day of residency when I didn't wonder if I should quit and stay home with my son. And, once I've had that one day, I'd like to move on to more days than not...Any more experinced and wisers have advice for how to accomplish this?

  7. My public resolutions are:

    -to do something every day that makes my heart race in a positive way (some days it will be exercise, some not, some days physical, some not)

    -to spend less time with things (especially computers) and more time with people

    -to acknowledge good deeds and effort, especially itch it comes to my husband and kids

    -to do nothing but eat and spend time in the company of people I like during meals (good riddance, working lunch at my desk!!)


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