Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life update

Sometimes I use this blog to whine about certain mother/medicine-related things that annoy me in my life. Then, because it's a group blog and not my own personal forum, I tend to not follow up because I don't want to hog the blog. (Hey, that rhymed!)

However, since it's been a little quiet on here, I thought I might give a little update on the last few entries I posted:

1) I started NaNoWriMo on Nov 1 and finished a "novel" of 69,091 words a few days ago. It is truly awful and I am terribly proud of myself. Now I can let Wonder Pets have a break from raising my child.

2) A couple of weeks ago, I camped out in the board of health and finally got an H1N1 vaccine for myself and my daughter. We got the intranasal one, so hopefully we've been shedding lots of attenuated virus for my still unvaccinated husband. My hospital still is not offering it, nor is our pediatrician (which may prove to be tricky when my daughter needs her booster).

3) I am currently reading Baby Proof by Emily Giffin, which someone recommended to me in the comments. See? I listen to you guys.

Also, I'm really enjoying life in fellowship. It's great. I'm not a resident, not yet an attending (all I need is time).


  1. Fizz-that's awesome about completing a novel!! Very impressed with you. You are inspiring me to attempt this one day - or at least to work for one month on a book of some kind...I'm not the fiction-writing sort.

    Perhaps in future posts you can share novel excerpts from random pages.

  2. I actually found it much easier to complete the novel this year than I did when I participated three years ago, back before I had a kid. Weird.

    "Perhaps in future posts you can share novel excerpts from random pages."

    Oh god no! :)

  3. I know you MIM's know better than myself...a layperson, about all the H1N1 stuff...but here in Canada they are now saying that we no longer need the booster - that the half dose is enough for kids? I'm thanking my lucky stars because we never would have been able to get the booster either!

  4. A big thankyou to Fizzy for mentioning NaNoWriMo. I had heard about it before but didn't realize exactly what it was. Usually at this time of year I just get depressed because I am so far away from family...this year I signed up for NaNoWriMo and I'm currently writing a Christmas story and am at about 42,000 words and just know that I can finish.
    The only people who will see this literary effort are myself and my son and a few of his friends who have expressed an interest in helping me edit. But boy does it feel good. If all goes well, on Thanksgiving instead of missing anybody, I'll be finishing my 50,000 words and starting to edit.

  5. Anon, I am so glad to hear that NaNoWriMo brought you some joy this year :)

    To Kathy, the CDC still seems to be recommending 2 doses for kids under 10:


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