Monday, September 28, 2009

Guest Post: House of Cards

It really does take a village to get anything done.

I have a village all coordinated and well planned out to get done what I and my family need in order to get through each day. I even have decent scenarios for emergency coverage.

But not for tomorrow.

Tigercub 3 is feverish and needs to stay home tomorrow, again.

Nanny asked for tomorrow off a month ago for much needed personal issues.

Tigerdad will be out of town all day tomorrow from sun up to long after sun down.

And I have a weird thing on my skin and managed to get a coveted dermatology appointment for tomorrow afternoon perfectly timed for after my patients and before I have to pick up the cubs at school. Why? Because their blessed school has last minute after school coverage available.

But only for healthy cubs. So who can look after cub 3?

Mother in law can only cover part of the day.

My mother cannot do any part of the day.

So what to do?

Cancel all of my patients, of course.

And take the cub with me to the coveted derm appointment.



  1. Thankfully Mary Poppins was back to work today. I felt a huge dissipation in physical anxiety that I had not realized I had had.

  2. Sorry, Tigermom. I feel your pain. I have 3 little ones and a nanny and a husband in the military who has been deployed for 10 of the last 24 months. And no family for 8 hrs in any direction...I have had to get very creative and call in all manner of favors to survive such crises. Glad the house of cards has been rebuilt!

  3. Tempeh,

    So glad you have ways to be creative.

    Sending you good thoughts to have your house of cards stable and strong.


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