Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guest Post: Introducing JC

I was proud of my husband’s decision to go with the avocado sashimi over the fried spring rolls for the first course of our Sushi dinner. Having a cardiologist-wife has its benefits, being spared from major dietary intervention with LDL cholesterol of 186 is not one of them.

As I used my chopsticks to make the perfect bite (avocado, jicama and wasabi sauce) our conversation digressed to a famous argument we suffered at a Maui grocery store, circa 1998. As a medical student I was invited to present my research at a conference in Hawaii (score!) My then MBA-student-boyfriend took an 18 hour flight to spend 48 hours with me at Kapalua. When shopping for dinner he really wanted an avocado. I was alarmed by the price- SIX dollars, which was roughly 53.5% of my allotted per diem. They scare you at med school orientation, warning that every dollar you spend you will have to pay back three once interest accrues. He had a strong case, traveling so far, avocado would taste good with fresh pineapple, yada yada yada.

We could not remember who won the argument. Years and many jobs later we have come a long way. Earlier in the day without flinching I bought a $200 pair of jeans. If you saw how awesome my 9-month post partum butt looked in them you would totally understand. For sure it was an unusual occurrence. Wandering into a boutique we were met by a designer blond in 4 inch heels. I knew I was in the right place, but still had no idea of what I was doing. What is up with the sizes anyway? Feeling the need to explain my complete lack of style: stroller pushing, no make-up, pony-tail, Teva sandals mess. OK here is the deal- I spent the last 12 years wearing scrubs, had a baby, lost a lot of weight and my trainer told me it was time for skinny jeans- and so here I am.

So at dinner, let’s just say I was feeling about as fabulous as a 35-year-old mother could. And to sweeten the deal- as a party of 2 ½ we got orange wedges and fortune cookies for three.

My fortune: Generosity and perfection are everlasting goals

JC is our newest contributor to Mothers in Medicine and will be writing here regularly about being an academic cardiologist and mother. Welcome, JC!


  1. Look forward to reading your posts- and yay for new healthier body!

  2. Great job!

    Be sure you fit yourself into those jeans at least once a week - best way to be sure you'll keep fitting into them!

  3. Thank you Ms. Oumedbride, SI and Anon! It is ridiculous but in a way I feel more proud of losing the baby weight than graduating from med school!


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