Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes, I watch Idol

For the duration of this American Idol season, Melly was convinced that Danny Gokey was her father. Every time he came on the screen, she announced, "Dada!" Gokey does sort of look like my husband, in that they both have short dark hair, glasses, and are kind of... um, solid.

My husband was convinced that she was simply calling him "Dada" because he was a man, not because he and Gokey are long-lost brothers or anything. To illustrate this, he pointed to Adam Lambert and said, "Who's this?"

Melly hesitated a second before answering: "Mommy!"

Oh man. For the record, I wear way less eye make-up than Adam Lambert.

Admittedly, this entry didn't have a lot to do with being a mother in medicine, but hey, somebody had to post about the Idol finale (yay Kris). I'll also take this opportunity to announce that according to Melly, my job has now been upgraded from "diaper" to "dopter". Not bad, eh?


  1. Ah, I suppose there are worse people to be compared to than Adam Lambert, even if you are a woman. (And for the record, I also wear less eye makeup than him. But, that's not saying much.)

  2. Haha... I guess of all the male contestants, he's the one I'd be least insulted about being likened to. Actually, he's probably a prettier girl than me, since I don't wear make-up, use hair products, or wear nailpolish :)


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