Thursday, March 5, 2009

a gray area

Just read a NY Times article about our presidents going gray. Every now and then I see a stray gray of my own pop up (surprise!). In terms of how I feel, well, you know, it's a gray area. I'm in the early stages of seeing one or two here and there, so I usually feel somewhat amused and am proudly reminded of all my accomplishments. These include first and foremost, being married with children. That is, having met my life partner and our shared attempts at raising two strong and silly kids together. Despite their (all) contributing from time to time to yet another gray hair. I still feel young (except for the occasional hip pains) and think I look fairly young (delusion or reality, I'll never know), so for me I actually welcome the few grays to help on the job, where I am supposed to have the authority to guide patients and families through important decisions about their health and well being. Where I work to educate and advise medical trainees (a few grays among them). Certainly, it's just hair, but it's aging and stress and experience and evolving self-concept as well. No need to pull them out gray by gray, I'll just let them blend in and go with the flow (tucked away in a pony tail, of course).


  1. When I was a young med student, our family doctor told me that to be a real doctor you needed gray hair and hemorrhoids. Taking the bait (of course) I asked why. "Gray hair", he replied sagely, "for the look of wisdom. Hemorrhoids, for the look of concern."

  2. Hmmm...I've taken to panic and highlights. Wish I accepted them as gracefully as you.


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