Saturday, February 21, 2009

The most important job in the world!

Melly has been going through her "toddler word explosion" lately, so one word we've been trying to teach her is what I do for a living.

Husband: "Melly, what is Mommy's job?"

Melly: "Diaper!"

Me: "Great, she thinks I'm a diaper."

While I am not employed as a diaper, it should be noted that:

1) Diapers and I both work at night as well as during the day.

2) Diapers are white; I wear a white coat.

3) Diapers and I both get crapped on a lot in the course of our duties. (I said DUTIES.)

So my job actually does have a lot in common with that of a diaper, but I am not, in fact, a diaper. Nice try though, honey.


  1. Ha! Melly is smarter than you think! Love your 3 explanations. Also, diapers are very helpful in times of need. And I guess since you are in rehab medicine, at some point, like children and diapers, with proper training, your patients grow out of needing your services?

  2. Or, perhaps more pointedly, your job *is* to change her diaper! Kids can be egocentric little things. :)

  3. Very funny. But not "disposable diaper"
    #4 "cloth diapers and doctors get wrung out and re-used over and over"

  4. So many people assume that it's the women who are changing all the diapers and feeding the babies. I actually know many families where the men do all the housework and the physician women work full-time. I think it would be a great topic of discussion.


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