Sunday, February 15, 2009

Looking fabulous

Yesterday, I cut my hair.

I've been cutting my own hair for about four years now. I was never really into fancy stylists or whatever, but I always at least went to a salon and got my hair cut by someone who could actually see the back of my head. But it never went well. Apparently, most stylists aren't good at cutting curly hair. Geez, why is it so hard?

My last haircut prior to my 4th year of med school was one of those really traumatic experiences. I'm still in therapy for it. The hairstylist cut my hair and I felt like it wasn't short enough, so I told her, "No, shorter!" Then she hacked off another five inches in one snip. I was horrified. Now I know how the surgeons used to feel when they'd tell me to cut knots for them.

The only good thing about the traumatic haircut is that I didn't need another one for over a year. Then during my intern year, I noticed my hair was getting a little long again for my taste. However, since I only got about one day off every month, I didn't want to spend that one golden day sitting in a salon. So I started to entertain the idea of doing it myself.

I think I stood in the bathroom with a pair of scissors for about 20 minutes, working up the courage to make that first cut. Then when I did, there was no turning back.

It came out better than I thought. Since my hair is so curly, it's fairly forgiving of being vastly different lengths. I decided that from then on, I would cut my own hair.

So four years later, I'm still cutting my own hair in the bathroom. Nobody at work can believe it when I tell them. I don't think it's that big a deal... I mean, it's not like I'm churning my own butter or anything. These days, being a resident and a mom, who has time to get a real haircut? Who am I trying to impress? I think it's amazing if I manage to make it to work without milk stains all over my clothing. Or manage to get my white coat in the washing machine a couple of times a year.

But yes, even though I was never the picture of style, I do think I've crossed a line by starting to cut my own hair. I also haven't worn make-up in... quite a long time. I know there are other working mamas out there (on this very blog, even) who still manage to look fabulous. I feel like I've boarded a high speed train--next stop, granny panties and eyeglasses from Sears.


  1. You go girl!

    I cut my daughters' hair. We call it a trip to "Chez Mama's," a stylish salon in our bathroom. I bring in my desk chair on wheels and chat them up while I snip.

    I finish by giving them a hand held mirror with which to view the back just like in the $$$ salon experience.

    My son, I leave to the barber with Tigerdad. Boys' haircuts are less forgiving. But one day I may buy one of those motorized boy haircut things.

  2. Yes, I also cut my daughter's hair... but these days, that just involves a couple of snips during her nap. I used to cut my husband's hair too, but I used to basically cover him with hair during the process so he won't let me anymore.

  3. Who draws the line to cross? I have no doubt you look like a fabulous mother in medicine! I enjoy trimming my daughter's hair periodically. And my son has long flowing curls (beautiful, to me and my husband) that have never been cut, but I did trim his bangs once to get them out of his eyes, while he was eating, without him knowing!

  4. Fizzy- Never worry. We are aging well! No smoking, limited sun exposure..... when it is time for Grannie panties we will wear then with gusto! And have the means (and finally time) to enjoy the later years of life.

  5. T, you are the master... I can't even cut my daughter's hair in her SLEEP without upsetting her.

  6. I think it's great that you can cut your own hair. My stick-straight hair requires the scissors of a profesional. I also find someone else washing my hair, complete with scalp massage, a small but welcome indulgence.

  7. Does cutting your own split ends while studying count?

    I do cut my husband's hair though. He ends up covered in hair, but since we do the whole procedure naked, it limits the amount of laundry that is necessary after. Perhaps you should suggest that to your husband and he'll be more enthused about the idea?


  8. Fizzy, Maybe it's because it's 1am and it was a loooooong day in clinic, but I am laughing like a fool and cannot stop. I have had tears rolling down my cheeks for 5 or 10 mins. A high speed train--next stop, granny panties and eyeglasses from Sears? crack me up, girldoc. Tempeh


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