Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seriously, I wanna know...

Do you have a favorite memory of gift-giving? What has been your favorite gift to receive? Any favorite gift-giving tips for the holiday season?


  1. Success Built to Last.

    It's a deceptively simple yet eye-opening (life-changing even) book to read over the holiday season. Besides, it's only $5 a piece from Amazon and, when n>5, with free shipping. It's rarely expensive to inspire and electrify your loved ones and friends with a simple gift like this.

    In any case, Christmas greetings from Seattle, WA.

  2. It may be cliche, but the best Christmas gift I have ever received was my son. He was born just before Christmas last year. Happy Birthday Peanut!

  3. My paternal grandmother lived far enough away that I rarely saw her growing up. I have a few memories here and there, but not many, since she passed away when I was about 13. Every year, though, when I was a kid, she would send me a big box of Christmas cookies she had made herself. There were all different kinds, several dozen of them!

    I started looking for the box in the mail after Thanksgiving, and when it came, I would sit down on the floor just inside the front door with the box and rummage for my favorites. It wasn't just the sweets (although she was a great cook), but it was also the love it implied that made this gift so special.

    For me, it's not so much the big expensive things (although those are nice!). It's the little personal things that make you know the giver really cares.

  4. Two best gifts: my husband for months said he liked to help me with my earrings (duh) so I let him every morning - one morning I went to feel which ones he had put in and wala BEAUTIFUL gorgeous handmade earrings to go with my eyes.

    The second best from hubbie- surprise SPA day at the Mandarin hotel on a post call day!

    Best part - NOT KNOWING! NOT having to ask!

    Worst part - those were the only two "surprise" presents in 18 years together.


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