Saturday, December 27, 2008


We're coming up to the new year, traditionally a time for resolutions to be made - in jest (I resolve to never drink so much spiked eggnog ever again) or in a real effort to better ourselves (I will keep up with all of my paperwork in the office every day). What are some of the resolutions you've made in the past, or are planning to make now?
To get started, my resolutions are the same ol' boring resolutions I make every year: 1) get the home office cleaned out and usable! 2) be a better [enter one, pending day and mood: wife, mother, doctor, friend...]. 3) Exercise regularly.
NOTE: If you're worried about being held to your resolution ('cause I'm going to follow up in August!), leave a comment anonymously...
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  1. ESP!

    But reading blogs instead of cleaning up the home office.


  2. Yes, there are the usual resolutions like - get handle on weight and loose the 25 lbs, better organization, clean my proverbial plate of committees, meetings, & other time suckers, save money and not spend it etc. Would also like to finish a first draft of my YA book, travel (with and without kids)and not just think about it, and learn to surf. Will keep you posted! Happy New Year!

  3. All of the above (lose weight, organize everything, be a better mom, wife, friend AND doctor), in no particular order. And I'm already betting against me.


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