Friday, November 14, 2008

You know you're a physician-mother when . . .

. . . your first inclination after diagnosing your child with fifth disease is to photograph it for your private collection of pediatric exanthems:

And your next thought is gratefulness that the diagnosis does not preclude daycare attendance. Alarming though that will be to the non-medical parents.

(For the uninitiated, I posted a summary of fifth disease here.)


  1. My sons developed roseola a few months ago, and while #2's developed and resolved quickly, and went mainly under the radar, #1's exanthem languished for a week or so. This prompted daycare and the parents to pepper me with questions and implications that he had to stay home until the rash resolved. That didn't occur but I had a number of parents tell me as a physician, I should "know better" to send him to school "contagious". Somehow a rash, no matter how harmful, seems to instill fear, but the watery eyes and runny nose never does.

  2. So true, Jen, that rash gets the boot from school, daycare, church nursery, etc. but somehow other contagious illnesses slip through. FreshMD - my son had good case of 5th's this spring & had to keep him home for 2 days - worried about the possible pregnant people he might encounter & the rash rath. Now I wish I'd taken a picture!

  3. Have to admit, a month ago I'd have been one of those ignorant parents who would be scared if another kid showed up at daycare looking like that...but then my son came down with it and got the boot from school...only to have his pediatrician laugh and say "they sent him home for that? You'd think they'd know better by now...once the rash shows they are not contagious?" We were relieved because he got to go back to school the next day and we could go back to work.


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