Monday, November 24, 2008

Seriously, I wanna know...

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you cook the turkey, stuffing, potatos, greenbean casserole or do you eat nontraditional fare? Have you tried a prepared dinner from a grocery store?


  1. We go to my sister in law - who makes a WONDERFUl completely homemade turkey etc. dinner. I can't - can't cook worth beans. One year we ordered in a turkey dinner when my mom was here - it was almost as good - definitely better than I would've made - and so much easier! We could get all the traditional normal stuff (including sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top!). Well worth it! YUM. So unless you LOVE cooking and seeing all your hard work disappear in less than an hour, I would order out!

  2. I am cooking traditional dinner. Hopefully I won't be called in as my husband can't cook for anything. On the other hand, this year will just be us 3 so it won't matter REALLY.

  3. Have done it different ways depending on my call schedule - take out (& reheat) from grocery, out to dinner (w/doggy bag to bring home) & cooking for a crowd. Like to cook the whole dinner (turkey, potatos, green beans, stuffing, cranberry-apple compote ( a crock-pot dish), rolls, gravy) but only when I am not on call - I burn things when I try to do both.

  4. We do it all - traditional turkey, stuffing, etc., at our house, and have done so for the past 15+ years. In part, this began as our way of staying put (and not having to drive to see parents and in-laws on the same day). I'm very fortunate in that if I haven't been present, Husband is a more-than-adequate substitute; usually we divide up the responsibilities. After so many years, I can say that it's almost a routine. I guess it helps that both Husband and I love to cook...

    Happy Thanksgiving - no matter how you celebrate!

  5. We do the whole shebang - cheese board, stuffed turkey, side dishes, made from scratch cranberry sauce, homemade pies, and hot wassail. I'm lucky enough to have a mother-in-law who loves to help.

    It's one of the two times a year that our whole family (small though it is) has a festive sit-down meal with all the pomp and circumstance. I want my son to know what that's like and carry on the tradition.

    Plus, I love to cook - it's so different from what I do every day. The instant gratification of producing a delicious meal is therapeutic!

  6. My husband will be doing all the cooking - and it will be pretty traditional...turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, squash casserole, garlic mashed pots, baked sweet potato, (store bought) cherry pie, and his first attempt at a brownie choc chip cheesecake - mmmmmm...

    I'm on call....hoping no one wants to have a baby on a holiday :p But this was the trade off to be off for Christmas Eve and Day :)

  7. Well, you know I am hosting and I'm afraid I've been guilty of going over the top with the menu's. This is my only opportunity to really go all out:

    homemade cranberry sauce with tart cherries and cloves

    roast turkey with apple cider gravy

    chesnut and sausage stuffing with homemade peasant bread

    parsnip puree with brussel sprout leaves

    whipped sweet potatoes with pecan topping

    haricot verts with bacon and chesnuts

    pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce

    Have never bought although often pressured to do so by worried relatives.

  8. I'm working Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat. I figure I owe it to my group -- after all, I'll be on maternity leave for xmas and new year's -- but I'll miss getting together with the family (and the turkey!). Oh well.

  9. Some of my best on calls have been over Thanksgiving.

    I will always remember Thanksgiving in our CCU when I was an intern. It felt like a privilege to care for these people during such a poignant time in their lives, away from their home, families , and health.

    This year I will be lucky to have my home, family, and my health.

  10. we do the whole thing: DH does the turkey (he is a fabulous cook) and stuffing. I will do various sides (no green bean casserole! No!) and cranberries which I usually, um, doctor in some way or another (I am a terrible recipe follower, hence not a surgeon).

    Dh always teases me that there are usually as many desserts as there are people, but I am trying to keep that in check (what with insulin resistance creeping up in my life) but there will be pumpkin pie and (for my daughter) blueberry pie (which she won't eat) and maybe the World's Best Gingerbread? Umm... I love thanksgiving.

    happy holiday to everyone, no matter where you are and how you observe it.

    I'm also hoping for NO BABIES (can I make that for Wednesday, too, when I need to make all those pies?)

  11. OK, that looks very bad, the comment about not being a surgeon. I mean only that I don't follow instructions well, am lazy about having every little thing a recipe calls for, and tend to just sort of wing it most of the time. All bad traits if you are cutting people open and hoping to put them back together correctly. I do not mean to say that surgery is cookbook, only that it requires consistency and attention and care to detail that I tend to lack.


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