Friday, November 21, 2008

Pay it Forward

There’s been some sadness at our house recently. To be perfectly honest, the holidays have been the last thing on my mind. Wallowing a little too much in self pity, has become a hobby over the last week or two…. but today was different.

I had a great day.

The morning office went surprisingly smooth. I escaped for lunch to meet my husband and son at Cracker Barrel. This is quite a treat, I rarely get a full lunch hour, rarer still to get to leave the hospital. We had a pleasant lunch. Boy Genius was thrilled to get pancakes for lunch (husband also ate “second breakfast”). As we finished eating, I noticed that a few tables over was a lady sitting alone. Shortly there after, she came over to our table and with a huge smile handed my son a crisp one dollar bill and said “Happy Thanksgiving.” She then proceeded to take a our check and say “I’m going to take care of your lunch, and Yall have a blessed day!”

I was quite flabbergasted. I tried to protest, but she gave me a motherly “don’t even think about it “look. So we simply said “ thanks” as she walked away.

Her random kindness invigorated my spirit. I’ve spent the whole rest of the afternoon thinking of ways I could pass on blessings to others.

This may seem like a cheesy e-mail spam story… but I promise it happened to me today. My sadness is still there, but the self pity is gone and replaced with the reminder that this is the season to be thankful of our blessings and look for every way we can to bless others.


  1. I needed this story today - been a long week watching the effect of the economy on my friends and patients - losing jobs, getting hours cut, contemplating bankruptcy. Thanks!

  2. When I was in med school, like 15 of my med school buddies and I went out to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday. A man in the restaurant overheard us discussing anatomy lab and decided that we med students have enough to worry about and decided to foot the bill for all 15 of us! I will never forget that.

  3. I'm glad this happened to you today. It sounds like you needed this.

    Funny how that happens like that.

    Hope the sadness moves on soon.

  4. Isn't it funny how God sends angels to us when we least expect it? So glad you were touched by Him today. I was touched just reading this story. Thanks.

  5. Thats wonderful. Hope your heart is happy again soon.


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