Monday, November 17, 2008

Not old yet

Still enjoy animal crackers, mac and cheese, grapes.
Still enjoy playing the bongos.
Still enjoy seeing Grandma.
Still enjoy painting.
Still enjoy Clifford, Berenstain Bears, Mo Willems.
Still enjoy They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes, Laurie Berkner.
Still enjoy wearing mittens.
Still enjoy going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you?

Don't like too many snaps, buttons, and zippers.
Don't like wearing shoes when riding in the car.
Don't like keeping quiet.
Don't like coats.

Can't help interrupting.
Can't help staying up late.

But the jury's still out on stinky diapers, classical music, carrots, clothes with holes, tub time, hats...


  1. Love you list, T! Maybe this is why we work with kids...

  2. I never did like animal crackers.... my grandmother is mean.... I'm not nearly artistic enough to paint anything worth while, mittens piss me off because I CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE!, and I agree with all the others..... but I would add socks.... I hate socks!

  3. Love this list. I plan on going back to Peds next year and this is why. Despite the grays, aches, pains, I still get a charge out of cartoons, cookies, and licking the bowl


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