Sunday, November 2, 2008

To Infinity..... and Beyond!!!!

“Bob the builder! Can he fix it?
Bob the builder! Yes he can!
Scoop, Muck and Dizzy…….”

So today I sang the entire theme of Bob the Builder….. while doing a pap smear. My patient was a stay at home mom, with no one to watch the kids. She attempted to keep the pacifier in her baby’s mouth while I did my best to “entertain” a four year old boy. Which entailed singing, while I inspected his mother’s nether regions. Later, I had to push him away from the biohazard trash with one hand, while hold “specimen” in the other. This is pretty much the norm. I guess this could be one of my multitasking skills.

My patients often have to bring their small children to their appointments. I have great sympathy for this having hauled my own boy genius around a few times. So I often find my self trying to help them entertain their children while I ‘m doing their exam. Whether it letting the kids hold the Doppler to listen to the baby’s heart beat or in depth discussions about Thomas the Train.

Recent interaction:

“I see you like Thomas?”

“Yes, my favorite engine is James”

“No that ‘s not Thomas your holding, that’s Gordon”

“No, Thomas doesn’t have a coal car, and he’s #1 Gordon’s #4”

“Yes, I’m sure I’m right”

I hope my patient ‘s appreciate the effort … and don’t find it creepy that I’m singing the theme to Elmo's World while checking their cervix.


  1. I'm so impressed! I can't keep track of all the Thomas engines and their personalities. Occasionally I'll try to have a nice discussion with Son regarding his Thomas trains, and he'll inevitably look at me like I'm the biggest idiot in the world.

  2. It would definitely freak me out if my OB sang the Bob the Builder theme song while doing my pelvic, but maybe that's just because I know all the words too and would be driven to join in the chorus, and that's a disturbing scene to picture. Hilarious post! Cheers to you for making it easier on moms to get to (and through) their appts. It is no small feat to be pregnant with kid # 3 or 4 and have to drag the crew along to the visits--p.s. do we really have to come every week or two? what a drag!

  3. Sadly, I really did get into an argument with a 3 year old over which Thomas engine he was pretending to be. (He kept insisting Percy had a coal car...which clearly he doesn't).

    When I was studying for my boards I really wished their was a toddler TV section.


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