Monday, October 20, 2008

Future babies

I know a lot of the women contributing to this blog have concluded their babymaking years, but I still am hoping for one more. Just one. Sometime in the not so near future. But not so far either, since my aching back has just reminded me that I'm getting on in years.

Considering I've still yet to finish residency and then will possibly do a fellowship and likely my first real job will not be a permanent one, I worry a lot about having to make a job switch while pregnant. Is there anything more unpleasant than having to tell your new employer that you're X weeks pregnant and will be taking Y weeks of maternity leave in the near future? Surprise! Bet you didn't notice that during the interview, did you? Of course not, or else you never would have hired me!

(A sad truth: my pregnant friends had to dress very creatively during their residency interviews.)

I already had the pleasure of being three months pregnant going into residency, so I'm not looking forward to explaining another baby bulge to a new employer someday. I'm hoping I have the luxury of being at a job for at least a year before the stork pays my uterus another visit (that's how it happens, right??). Long enough for people to maybe get to like me before they grow to resent me.

Or maybe I'll find a job where the people I work with will actually be happy for me and not just congratulating me through gritted teeth. A magical job in Happyland in a gumdrop hospital on Lollipop Lane.

Of course, with the economy being the way it is, maybe I'll luck out and be unemployed for the next 5-6 years.


  1. Eh, doctor = recessionproof. At least that's what *I* thought.

    Also, had mad should your future employers and co-workers really be when all you get (at least at the hospital I'm at right now) is 6 weeks maternity leave. Out of your vacation.

    Plus, one of my male residents is taking maternity leave now.

  2. Maybe you could get a job in dermatology at Seattle Grace (Grey's anatomy in case you don't have time to watch) They seem pretty happy.


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