Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dr Unicorn

In late September, daughter age four mentioned casually (about 20 times), without pediatric parental coaching, that she wanted to be a doctor for Halloween. Yeah! Not only were there the salient and loving implications of role modeling at play, but also, EASY costume! Perhaps an old adult medium scrub top as a full length dress, my stethoscope around her neck, a reflex hammer in her pocket, an ID tag, a fake chart (no EMR's yet), and we're good to go. But late October (just in time, really) she made a more rational decision, to change her Halloween costume and perhaps future career choice. Why be a doctor when you could be a unicorn? Okay, we can do it. A horn, a mane, a tail, lots of purple and pink fabric paint. And rainbows, an abundance of rainbows. It hadn't occurred to me why she changed her mind, but shall I assume it had something to do with the long hours?

(Fortunately, like RH+'s post, I was able to get time off for Halloween, because you've just gotta go to that pre-school costume parade!)


  1. None of my kids has ever expressed a desire to be a doctor for Halloween, I think because both parents are doctors and Halloween costumes are supposed to be make-believe characters or something. My 4 yr old son did tell us the other day that he wants to be a doctor, but only for adults not kids, and only wants to check the intestines! Where he got this idea, we have no idea. I'm an oncologist, and my hubby is in ID.

  2. I rememer a female GP preceptor telling us that her 4 year old son asked her if "boys could be doctors as well? cause I want to be one like you Mummy1"
    The Aww factor was pretty high...


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