Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Under pressure

As a resident, it's important for me to put aside time for studying while I'm home, so that when I graduate I'm not just a huge malpractice suit waiting to happen. Having a baby has in some ways made that more challenging, but in other ways has actually helped me (believe it or not).

My typical evening prior to having a baby:

6PM: Arrive home

6:30PM: Leisurely dinner

7:30PM: Watch television, think about studying.

8:30PM: Surf the web, usually while watching television

9:30PM: Consider studying again.

10PM: Bedtime snack

10:30PM: Consider studying again, but figure I'm too tired to absorb anything. I'll study tomorrow.

11:30PM: Bedtime

My typical evening now:

6PM: Arrive home

6-9PM: Baby care

9PM: Get out book and furiously study, write presentations, whatever

10PM: Collapse into bed, totally exhausted

The difference? When you have a kid, you know free time is scarce, so you take your studying when you can get it. You can't afford to postpone work till tomorrow, because god knows what will come up tomorrow.

As a result of all the studying I've been doing lately, I've become one of the most knowledgeable senior residents (in my very modest opinion). Sometimes I forget how it used to be and I wonder why the residents without kids seem to never have time to read like I do. I mean, what do they DO all night?


  1. so.... what your saying is I should get married and have kids in order to study more..... :-)


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