Monday, September 29, 2008

Patient was a furry, red-haired monster in moderate distress

I was watching Sesame Street with Melly this morning. Elmo was sitting on the curb, clutching his left foot and crying out in pain.

Gordon: "Elmo, what's wrong?"

Elmo: "My feet hurt!"

Gordon uncrosses Elmo's legs as he again cries out in pain.

Me: [thinking] "Oh my god, is it an ATFL sprain? Is it plantar fasciitis?"

Gordon: "Elmo, I think I see what the problem is."

Me: [thinking] "Tibialis posterior tendonitis? Achilles rupture? Talar dome fracture??"

Gordon: "You put your shoes on the wrong feet!"

Wasn't even in my differential.


  1. Ah yes, this is a doctor thinking ;-)

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!

    My oldest dropped a can of soup on her toe. She bawled and then threw a crying fit today before school. Finally after all that time, I bent down and examined it. And off we went for an xray. Sometimes I can't believe how late I am in acknowledging that they actually might be hurt.-

    Darn...I can see that coming up in a some therapist office!

  3. Bless that furry little monster's head!

  4. ha nice..... back to child think for awhile

  5. hahaha! reminds us all, sometimes the most simple explanation is the right one.


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