Monday, September 15, 2008

Gap tears

I started my fall shopping over the last couple weeks. This year’s gap hoodie is size 5T. It dawned on me, that very soon I will be shopping at Gap kids and not baby Gap. This is blowing my mind right now. We attended a private school fair recently. Everytime I answered “Kindergarten” to the question “What grade will your child be in next year?” it got a little harder to hold back the tears.

Time is going by so fast, I just want to treasure every second. I don’t know if this is because he’s my only child that I’m feeling this so strongly, or perhaps because our journey for number #2 has been such a long one. Perhaps, everyone feels this way and I’m just more vocal about it. I’m hoping that perhaps I’m “pre-grieving”. When my grandpa died, about a month before he passed I had a day where I realized the end was near. I mourned for a week, but when the actual funeral came, I was at peace. So hopefully by the time school year rolls around next fall I will be at peace with it… otherwise prepare for multiple teary posts.


  1. My youngest is two and I still automatically head for the newborn section at Gap.

    My kids are usually dressed in clothes that are a tad on the small size because I'm in a constant state of denial.

  2. As I sat watching my 9 year old and her best friend play at the park yesterday, I almost cried watching a mom push her 9 m/o in the baby swing! That was me not too long ago.....wondering why the women of school-aged children were starting at me with watery eyes. Snuggle every moment. It goes too fast.

  3. I am the same way and my girl is only one and a half. It's just going by so quickly!

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  5. I too, have only one. Just wait until the day that you watch him with fresh driver's license, drive himself off to school for the first time (in his own car)...On his first day of kindergarten his Dad and I both accompanied him to class (me dressed up and in makeup). The day he drove himself to school, I hid behind the blinds in my bedroom and peeked out at him (and cried). He's all grown up now. But you'll always remember the first day of kindergarten!

  6. I, too, have only one. It's sometimes hard to watch him grow up, but for me the wistfulness is overshadowed by the fun of watching him unfold into a more independent human being. He was cute at 5, but at 10, he has his own ideas and we can have real, give-and-take conversations. Trust me, every year it gets better and better. Don't linger too long on the ages past.


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