Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I chose a job where I had control of my schedule.

I chose to have Mondays off.

I chose to work out of 1 hospital only (God bless you crazy OB ’s that work out of multiple hospitals and have people in labor all over town)

I chose a good man.

I chose a low maintenance haircut.

I also try to start most days with a run and some time in prayer.

I finish my charting before I leave the office, but I keep a small stack of paperwork that can be procrastinated. I keep my journals in this stack. Then, I go through them when I’m stuck at the hospital waiting for someone to deliver (My office is down the hall from L&D).

I’m a optimist. I don’t let myself wallow in self pity when I have to work late or don’t get any sleep. I try to focus on what an honor it is that people let me into their lives so intimately. To deliver a baby… even at 3 am …… is still the most amazing experience in the world.

I also drink a massive amount of coffee.

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  1. Much needed post for a down in the dumps 2nd year OB resident looking to go into private practive now in a kinda malignant academic program. I've already chosen a great man...just have to try for the others. Keep 'em coming.


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