Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seriously, I wanna know...

T's post about her future career as a daycare owner left me wondering. What would be your next career move? Would you pick medicine again?


  1. I recently made a post on my own blog about careers I sometimes wish I had picked over medicine. Included on the list was:
    1) Actuary
    2) Math teacher
    3) Dentist
    4) Writer
    5) College instructor
    (Not necessarily in that order)

  2. Dentist and writer are also on my list. Pediatric subspecialist is also on my list like adolescent medicine, rheumatology or dermatology. I've given some thought to going to divinity school but I don't know what I'd do with it. Maybe I'll be a travel writer when I grow up.

  3. I picked teaching high school after I dropped out of med school. But I'm also interested in writing, floristry, and being a SAHM.

  4. Writer, photographer, actress, and professional lottery winner, in that order. Actually, I'd love to write a few books and get a gig as a "medical expert" on some news network somewhere, too. That could be fun ;)

  5. 1. Recreational Therapist.

    The people who professionally just talk to people in hospital, bring their dogs to work and play checkers.

    2. Dermatologist

    Are there any Dermatologist that ead this sight?

    I always think my life would be perfect (but boring) if I was Derm.

  6. I wouldn't pick any other career- medicine is absolutely for me.

    But, I've always had this idea of owning/running a sweet little b&b with my husband after I retire.

    If medicine weren't an option:
    writing, interior design, maybe something in the fashion industry..

  7. Dr. Whoo? You might like this conference - geared towards being a medical expert witness (like for court)but it might give you the teeth to get that TV gig:)

  8. In no particular order...

    1) Professional blogger.

    2) Movie critic.

    3) SAHM

    4) Talk show host

    5) Award-winning movie star

    6) Independently wealthy philanthropist.

    7) Olympic figure skater.

    8) Counselor

    9) Bestselling diet book author.

    10) Dog sitter.

  9. Forgot to mention my one true alternative career - I shoulda been a homicide detective.

  10. Nope, wouldn't choose medicine if I had it to do over. And I did not encourage either of my children in it, either. Would have gone to graduate school and done food science, which was my plan B in case not accepted to med school. SAHM problably not.

  11. Tried the professional violinist route - lovely but became very jaded when trying to make a career out of it - much better now to concertize without the pressure!

    Would love more time to become a dressage olympian!

    BUT - wouldn't trade peds anesthesia --- even for adult anesthesia - and I certainly wouldn't trade anesthesia for any other medical pecialty!!!!!! My kudos to all of you out there who do other medicine - you've got 100% of my respect...

  12. SO I'm just a resident, so maybe I can't yet say, but I do really love my job. Even during intern year, I loved my job. But if I had to pick something else, I'd be a write, photographer, or ultrasound technician. I love doing ultrasounds.

  13. I'd be a journalist or a casting director in my next life.

    Medicine is wonderful...if I had it to do over I would NOT choose Internal Medicine. Any other specialty instead!

  14. Did a post about this once, and I think among my fantasies were chocolate taster; tour guide in Florence or Paris; photographer; flamenco dancer; wedding coordinator; writer; museum curator; lab tech; art therapist; ballet teacher; and bookstore-cafe owner...



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