Friday, August 29, 2008

Enjoy the moment

Having spent a few weeks off with my kids this month I feel renewed.

It has been an interesting time - My kids are 3yrs and 22mos so not quite independent, rather being with them is quite tiring. And while I still have to escort my 3 year old to her room several times a night, and my 22-month old has started having night-terrors...I feel ironically refreshed and rested.

It's because spending time with the kids requires me to be in the moment. They require my attention physically and emotionally.

Throughout my work day, I am usually multi-processing. Driving to and from work I am carefully planning how to use my time effeciently. While in a room with a patient, I am busy trying to cram their agenda in with mine while simultaneously typing their note. In between patients I'm usually checking labs while keeping a window open for my two email usual routine is hardly restfull.

I'm not sure I need to do so much multi-processing, but from the time I spent this month at home with the kids, I am reminded of how important it is to enjoy and stay in the moment. I also feel blessed to have children to share these moments with.

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  1. What an interesting post.

    My kids are six, three and two. One thing that I find challenging is that it's difficult to spend any length of time focusing on one activity with the kids and completing it without interruption. There always seems to be a diaper to be changed, snacks to be made, dishwashers to empty, laundry to put in the dryer, spills to mop up.

    Whereas at work, it's a pleasure to be able to focus on one patient, address all problems, wrap it up, on to the next one.

    But I do find that the very concrete, tangible, in-the-moment reality of being at home is refreshing in its own way. In moderation.


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