Monday, August 4, 2008

Age-appropriate reading material

Because I was kind of lazy about moving my books up from the bottom shelf of my bookcase, Melly got into my books while my nanny was watching her and appropriated several of them into her own book collection.

I managed to retrieve most of them from her, but she's managed to hang on to a few of her favorites, including several of my medical "pocket guides". They're small enough to easily fit in a baby's hands and usually are brightly colored. I've kind of given up and decided to just let her have them.

So as a result, right now I'm looking at her bookcase and some of the books I see are Peekaboo Kisses, Little People Go To The Zoo, Internal Medicine Pocket Guide to Critical Care, and Where's Baby's Mommy. Typical one year old reading.


  1. Quite right to leave them with her. If you had insisted on draging them away, she would have become even more ccurious.

    This way, she will take on board anything she is ready for and ignore the rest.

  2. So funny! You're going to have a genius baby. By the time she's in fifth grade she's going to be diagnosing all of her friends.

  3. Funny!
    My five yo daughter has loved since babyhood my Patient Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma. It is a board book in the shape of an eye, with big colored diagrams and photos. "Mommy, read the book about sick eyes again." ;)

  4. I'd take the critical care book away the first time she tries to insert a chest tube while you're sleeping. Just sayin'.


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