Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to Labor & Delivery

Throughout the day today, we will be featuring posts about our experiences as physician-mothers giving birth. As doctors, at least we knew what to expect, or did we? I, for one, was unprepared for the pain (despite watching a video during childbirth class which made me laugh out of nervousness AND after witnessing laboring women during medical school). No one had told me how it would feel to have my numb legs held splayed apart while I attempted to pop every blood vessel contained in my face. (Not to mention pushing out other things besides the baby in front of the nurse and my husband, because, that did nothing for my dignity.)

We hope you enjoy them! Scroll down to find our posts...


  1. There seems to be some trends among us: we like our epidurals and pain meds (me, too), the unexpected seems to happen more often than the expected, we're not reluctant to deliver in our "home" hospitals, & we're no different than any other preganant people just because we have MD after our names. Pregnancy and delivery is a great leveler. I am proud to be part of such a diverse and giving community of mothers in medicine!

  2. Great stories, one and all. I like to joke that I had "home births" because I had my two at the hospital where I live, er-I mean, work. Maybe not so unusual, really, for us to feel comfortable in a familiar environment with trusted colleagues attending us.

  3. It must be surreal to be on the other side. This is a great site, KC! Well done.

  4. I read everyone and enjoyed the stories. Well done.

    I have never met another woman who has gone through "Mag hell" - it was called 15 years ago. I was given Magnesium for pre-term labor at 27 weeks. That and 10 weeks of strict bedrest did the trick. She came the first day after I got out of bed.

    Thanks for sharing.


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