Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Laborious thoughts Parts 1 and 2

Laborious thoughts and sequence of events Part 1:

1) Am I having contractions? It feels like bad menstrual cramps. I don't remember learning that in med school.

2) I'm on call for the gen peds practice right now and in labor.

3) Are these contractions 3 or 6 minutes apart? Perhaps we should go to the hospital now. But first, why don't you set up the pack and play, Honey. OH that's another one .

4) Why am I being escorted to the room where I am told "all the doctors and lawyers" deliver? I am ready for a suite on Kauaii, but alas it is in sunny (hot/humid) Local Hospital room (with a good NICU, which is what every pediatrician wants but wants not to see). Fortunately we find no need for a NICU, no malpractice, no lawsuits.

5) The epidural hasn't helped at all... more anesthetic.

6) Oh (too much). Now I can't feel my legs. Then a quick nap.

7) Wow, having Husband count to 10 while I push actually matters/helps.

8) There she is!

9) Let the breastfeeding begin. (Room in and post "no formula" signs)

10) Life changes as we know it (for the better)...

Laborious thoughts and sequence of events Part 2:

1) What will we do with Precious First, while we're having Second? Grandparents take shifts awaiting the big day.

2) I need two doses of Amp for GBS so no waiting around at home this time.

3) Why is there no air conditioning in this hospital?

4) Wondering why my systolic is down to 75. Glad the senior attending decides to stay.

5) I hope Precious First is enjoying her time with Grandma, french fries and all, and is ready for her whole world to change (for the better, we hope).

6) Were those practice pushes or the real thing?

7) There he is! 9 pounds!

8) Let the breastfeeding begin. (Room in and post "no formula" signs)

9) Get me out of this room so I can see Precious First and introduce her to Second, NOW.

10) Life changes as we know it again (for the better)...


  1. What do you think the carrier rate for GBS is in physicians? My OB and I always figured it was pretty high. Have you ever seen stats for GBS in docs? Any thoughts of trying for a third?

  2. Very interesting question! I have not seen data on this, but I'm with you... I'd guess that the provider cohort has a pretty high rate, hand washing and other precautions notwithstanding. While I was pregnant I absolutely assumed I'd be GBS+ (and I was) but also felt near certain I'd be CMV+ (but I wasn't). I'm ducking your third question, about a third :-)

  3. I thought I'd be CMV+ with #2 also - we had a newly diagnosed CMV+ patient in our practice when I was pregnant with #2. Got lots of grief about ducking out of caring for this patient. Freaked me out - my wonderful OB sat me down and said draw the titers so you know for certain. Came up CMV neg. He told me the Red Cross would be knocking on my door to donate blood. Never tested me for GBS the 2nd time - we just assumed and treated me with the antibiotics. BTW no #3 for me. @ 42 years old - I'm enjoying my school age kiddos and coaching others about getting their newborns to sleep. :)


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