Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guest Post: Labor lessons

Gosh, it's a long time ago now, children are 25 and soon to be 27. By the time I had kids I had finished a very OB-heavy family practice residency, done lots of deliveries and seen lots of complications including one maternal (with both twin fetal) death. I decided a will was necessary, just in case, and signed the papers the afternoon of the day I went into labor. Both were fairly long labors (19 and 12) hours with pitocin and epidurals when the pit came out, but progressed to normal deliveries. OB was wonderful, she had little kids at the time. What I learned: 1) it's not always good to know what the wiggly lines on the monitor mean, 2) epidurals are wonderful, 3) labor pain hurts and 4) when it's over and you see the baby it's all worth it. Now my daughters are having their own babies and it's interesting to see what has and has not changed.

Best wishes to all,

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