Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pretty in pink

Whenever we go to Toys R Us, my husband and I always gaze wistfully at the toys for older kids. We can't wait until Melly is old enough that we can buy her some awesome toys for us to play with. There's only so much fun we can have with a rattle.

On our latest trip there, I was practically slobbering over a toy doctor's kit. And it wasn't just a doctor's kit... it was a doctor's kit for GIRLS! Now you ask, what made this kit specifically for girls? Why, it was PINK, of course. There was a little pink stethoscope, a little pink BP cuff, a little pink syringe, a little pink otoscope, and a little pink thermometer. Unfortunately, it was for ages 3 and up. (Although the "and up" probably didn't go all the way up to 30 years old.)

Me: "And look! It comes with a little pink doctor's bag!!!"

Husband: "Do you want to buy this for Melly or for you?"

Me: "Ooh, there's a pink penlight too! Do you think it actually shines light?"

Husband: "You know, you have real versions of all this doctor's equipment."

Me: "Yes, but mine isn't pink."

Also, I'm missing my otoscope. Tell me, how hilarious would it be if I were examining a patient's ear and I pulled out that little pink otoscope? Answer: very.


  1. The little girls in your office would sure love the little pink otoscope! I always tell my daughter that God gives kids to grownups so we can have fun playing all over again.

  2. I love it!

    I know what you mean, I wanted to buy my little sister a cute little doctor set SO badly, that is until I realized that she wouldn't be even remotely interested in playing with it...

  3. I'm an intern and i use anything i can pink! My littmann is pink, my penlight is pink! even my pen, scrubs and accessories are! but i dont have a pink otoscope hey ya know where i can buy one? lol
    Go Pink! my fave color! yay!:D

  4. Love it! I bought my niece a doctor's kit and it was the best present ever (my assessment, but based partly on her assessment as well). Then, a few weeks later, I found the stash of disposable crappy stethoscopes they use for isolation patients, and stole one for my niece (a new one, of course). THAT was definitely the best present ever -- a REAL stethoscope. I'm the best aunt ever. (Also, I don't regularly steal from the hospital, but I figure one disposable stethoscope will hardly be noticed, and besides, I am working 80 hours a week for slave's wages for them.)


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