Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm a highly trained physician, but I can't put drops in my kid's eyes. He fights, and I'm afraid prying open his eyes will hurt the recent sutures.

I seriously believe every physician should have children before telling mothers how to give medicines. I used to prescribe 10-day courses of antibiotics all the time. Now that I realize how difficult that is, I would never do it to anybody else.

Just sayin'.


  1. Not to mention that eyes are gross. I'm just saying... I wouldn't be able to do eye drops either.

  2. And yet even a highly trained pediatrician married to a highly trained pediatrician can have one child who takes medicine like it's broccoli (and he LOVES broccoli) and another child who takes medicine like it's broccoli (and she is repulsed by broccoli). Same family. And yes, and we're considering whether to have our son evaluated for loving broccoli.

  3. Trick: You don't have to put the drops into open eyes. Have him lie on the bed with his eyes closed. Drop the medicine onto the medial canthus, then tell Son to blink. The instant he opens his eyes the drops will flow where they need to. As for dosing, the eye only holds a fraction of a drop anyway. One is plenty.


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